Who We Are


Our farm, the Copper Penny Farm, is located in Hanover, Maryland, midway between Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland.  We are a small family farm and believe in raising animals humanely and allowing them to live as naturally as possible.  We prefer to raise heritage animals, which are breeds that have developed naturally, before the demands of the industrial food supply required selective breeding of animals to develop “desirable” traits.  These traditional breeds are generally better able to withstand disease and thrive under natural pasture conditions.  By raising these animals, we hope to help preserve the genetics of the original sustainable breeds. 

We currently raise Hereford, Large Black and Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Galloway-cross steers, Katahdin sheep, and a variety of chickens.  We sell our pasture-raised beef, pork and lamb and free-range chicken eggs from our farm as well as at area farmers’ markets.