***UPDATE, Fall of 2018:  Our chicken is sold out.  We will have more available beginning in the summer of 2019.

For the second year, we are raising two new breeds of chickens , the Imperial and the Robust White, as part of our continuing effort to find a type of meat chicken that takes better advantage of pasture life.  These chickens are different than the conventional grocery store chickens.  The meat is more textured with a richer flavor, and the proportions of the chickens are different, with a smaller breast but larger thigh and leg.

Our chickens were raised outside in the sunshine, snacking on grass and bugs, and have never been given any hormones, antibiotics or other medication. 

 - Quantity is the number of chickens.  Most of the chickens are in the four pound range, but we have some slightly smaller and slightly bigger.  No sale is final until you take delivery, so if a chicken is too large or too small, we can always change your order.

 -  The price in your shopping cart is an estimate.  Once we pack up your order, we will send you an email with the actual price.  Again, your order is not finalized until you take delivery, so we can make changes if you wish.

  - More details on pre-ordering can be found under the "About Pre-ordering" tab or by clicking here.


Whole Chicken

One whole roasting chicken.  Price is $4.50 per pound.  Quantity is number of chickens you would like.

  Small (Three-ish pounds) (Sold Out)
  Medium (Four-ish pounds) (Sold Out)
  Large (Five to six pounds) (Sold Out)
Gift Certificate

Give the gift of local, humanely raised meat and eggs!  Gift certificates are available in any amount.  Simply enter the value you would like as the quantity. You can pick your gift certificate up at our store, or we would be happy to drop it in the mail for you.

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