Our Meat Box

The Meat Box is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a box (well, technically it is a bag) containing a hand-selected variety of our meat.  Items in each month’s box will depend on what we currently have in stock.  Each box will always contain pork and beef.  Depending on the season, it may also contain chicken or lamb. 

Small Box

A small box contains about twelve pounds of meat, and includes a variety of cuts such as bacon, sausage, roasts and chops.


Small Box - August ($90.00) [1 avail]
Small Box - September ($90.00) [4 avail]
Small Box - October ($90.00) [5 avail]
Large Box

A large box will contain about twenty-five pounds of meat.  It will contain a larger quantity of the items that are in the smaller box, plus occasionally higher-cost cuts such as steaks. 

Large Box - August ($200.00) [1 avail]
Large Box - September ($200.00) [2 avail]
Large Box - October ($200.00) [1 avail]
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