Specialty Sausage

Every now and then, we ask artisanal sausage-maker Stan Feder of MeatCrafters (formerly known as Simply Sausage) to make some of his delicious sausage using our own pork.  Stan's hand-crafted sausage is made with fresh ingredients using recipes he developed while studying charcuterie around the world.  (See how Stan makes sausage here, in a Smithsonian video.)  Here is our latest from Stan:


Maple-Sage Breakfast Sausage (BACK IN STOCK!)

This American classic contains our pork, the finest rubbed sage, Tellicherry pepper, thyme, nutmeg, and hints of ginger and allspice, and is sweetened with brown sugar and 100% real maple syrup. Each package contains five two-ounce links and is $9.  


Chorizo Oaxaca  (NEW!) 

$9 per pack.  Description coming soon...


Raging Brat  (NEW!) 

$9 per pack.  Description coming soon...



This fresh version of the traditional Polish pork sausage contains our pork along with fresh garlic, marjoram, black pepper, coriander seed, ground mustard seeds, and sea salt. Each package contains two 6-ounce links and is $9.


  Chorizo Picante

A moderately spicy fresh chorizo in the style of the Catalan region of Spain.  Flavorings include sea salt, sherry, paprika, cayenne, white pepper, sugar, oregano and cloves.  Each package contains three 4-ounce links and is $9.


 Our Halfsmoke Recipe  

  An all-pork version of the DC-original sausage, this is our family’s favorite.  We like to grill them up and eat them as a delicious replacement for hotdogs.  Contains our pork, mustard, garlic, paprika, white pepper, sugar, coriander, cloves, allspice, bay leave and (just a touch) of sodium nitrite.  Each package contains four 3.5-ounce links and is $9.