Pork for Sale

We currently have pork for sale by the cut.  All of our pork is naturally raised.  Our pigs have free range of several acres, where they forage for plants, roots, acorns, and whatever else they can dig up.  We also supplement their feed with a wholesome diet of grain and vegetable scraps.  We never use drugs such as growth stimulants, hormones or antibiotics, except as medically required. 

The following price list covers all cuts we offer.  Please note that we are a very small farm, and that all cuts may not be available at all times.  Remember, in the real world, each pig only comes with so many pork chops!

Bulk Sausage:   $7.00 per pound

Rope Sausage:  $7.50 per pound

     (Bulk and rope sausage are available in hot Italian, sweet Italian, apple sage and regular seasoning.  Packaged in approximately one pound packages.)

 Ground Pork:  $7.00 per pound

 Bacon:  $10.00 per pound

 Smoked Pork Jowl:  $10.00 per pound

 Fresh Pork Belly:  $9.00 per pound

 Pork Tenderloin:  $12.00 per pound

 Bone-in Pork Chops:  $8.00 per pound

 Boneless Pork Chops:  $9.00 per pound

     (All pork chops are packaged two per pack, and are available in 1/2 inch or 1 inch thicknesses.)

 Ham, Fresh or Smoked:  $7.00 per pound

     (Hams are about five to twelve pounds each.)

 Ham Steaks, Smoked:  $8.00 per pound

     (Very popular – they defrost and cook quickly for a delicious last-minute meals!  They are individually packaged, ½ of an inch thick and range in size from ½ pound to over two pounds each.)

 Spare Ribs:  $6.00 per pound

 Baby Back Ribs:  $8.00 per pound

 Fresh Pork Shoulder Roast:  $7.00 per pound

 Smoked Pork Shoulder Roast:  $8.00 per pound

     (Shoulder Roasts are about three to five pounds each.  Perfect roast for pulled pork.)

 Fresh Bone-in Pork Loin Roast:  $8.00 per pound

 Fresh Boneless Pork Loin Roast: $9.00 per pound

    (Loin Roasts are about three to five pounds each.  One of the most tender and desirable cuts.)

Pigs Feet:  $2.00 per pound

    (Tastier than you would think.  Give it a try!)

 Liver, heart and tongue:  $2.00 per pound

 Scrapple:  $3.00 per pound

     (Slice and fry; serve with eggs for a true Pennsylvania Dutch treat!)

Leaf Lard:  $2.00 per pound

     (Comes in a 3 pound tub.  Because it is richer than other fats, makes very tender biscuits, pastries and pie crusts.)

Pork Neck Bones:  $2.50 per pound

     (Makes a delicious and mild-flavored stock, or use them to make a classic soul-food dish!)