Our Story

CopperThe idea for Copper Penny Farm began in 2005, when we, ChucPennyk and Nancy Gardetto, first met.  We quickly discovered two things:  first, we each owned a dog, one named Copper and the other named Penny, and second, we had a mutual interest in raising animals and playing in the dirt.  We both were working “real” office-type jobs at the time, and we surprised many of our friends when we purchased a hidden gem of land in Hanover, Maryland, and declared ourselves farmers.   First came the chickens, then a couple of pigs.  And as fencing went up, so did the variety of animals increase.  (Although if we are to stick to the absolute truth, usually the animals arrived first, followed by a mad rush to put up fencing to contain them!)  After reading every farming book and magazine we could find, and after talking with every farmer who would answer our endless questions, we found that we liked the idea of sustainable farming and heritage animals.  And so Copper Penny Farm began to take shape with Hereford and Large Black pigs, Katahdin sheep, San Clemente Island goats, heritage turkeys, ducks and chickens.  And, of course, our spoiled dogs Copper and Penny.