Lamb for Sale

We raise Katahdin sheep, a heritage breed.  They are classified as hair sheep, which means that they do not produce a fleece; their hair is shed every spring, and they do not require shearing.  They are used for meat, and the absence of lanolin in their fleece gives them a far more delicate flavor compared to the traditional wool sheep.  If you like lamb, you will love the Katahdin meat.  If you haven’t liked lamb in the past because of its gamey flavor, you should give Katahdin lamb a try!

***Update, December 1st, 2016:  Our lamb is back in stock!  Check out our pre-order page to reserve yours now, or just stop by our store to browse in our freezers.  Our store is open most Saturdays from 9am to 3pm and other days and times by appointment.***

Leg of Lamb (bone-in):  $12.00 per pound (We have whole legs in the four to six pound range, and half legs in the two to three pound range.) 

Shank:  $8.00 per pound

Loin Chops:  $16.00 per pound  (One inch thick, six per pack.  Packs are about one pound each.)

Shoulder Roast:   $12.00 per pound  (About two to three pounds each.)

Shoulder Chops:  $12.00 per pound  (One inch thick, two per pack.)

Cubes:  $11.00 per pound  (One pound packages.)

Riblets:  $8.00 per pound  (One pound packages.)

Ground Lamb:  $12.00 per pound  (One pound packages.)

Liver, Heart and Kidney: $4.00 per pound