Eggs for Sale

***Update as of March 2017:  Our new hens have started to lay and our old hens are laying well, so our supply is beginning to catch up with your demand.  We have our eggs ready for sale on Saturday mornings.  Depending on how busy the day is, they may or may not sell out.  We suggest arriving early for the best chance of getting eggs!***

Depending upon the time of year, we usually have chicken eggs for sale.  Our chickens are free-range, and spend their days eating bugs, bits of grass, and whatever other tasty treats they can find.  As a result, their eggs are very flavorful with a rich yellow yolk.

Jumbo Chicken Eggs:  $5.00 per dozen

Extra-large Chicken Eggs:  $4.50 per dozen

Large  Chicken Eggs:  $4.00 per dozen

Medium Chicken Eggs:  $3.50 per dozen