Beef for Sale

 We currently have beef for sale by the cut.  All of our beef is naturally raised.  We never use drugs such as growth stimulants, hormones or antibiotics, except as medically required.   Our steers have free Steersrange of several acres, where they munch on grass, hay, leaves, and whatever else appeals to them.  We have tried to only grass-feed them, but found that they did not fatten up enough for their meat to be adequately marbled.  We now supplement their diet with grain, which we get from the Frederick Farmers’ Co-op.  The co-op mixes its own feed and uses locally sourced ingredients.   As a result, the beef has a rich flavor from the grass-feeding, but is still very tender and juicy.

The following price list covers all cuts we offer.  Please note that we are a very small farm, and that all cuts may not be available at all times.  Remember, in the real world, each steer only comes with so many steaks!

Ground Beef:  $7.00 per pound

Ground Beef Patties:  $7.50 per pound  (Packaged in a five-pound box.)


      Sirloin Tip Roast:  $8.00 per pound

      Rump Roast:  $7.00 per pound

      Round Roast:  $7.00 per pound

      Chuck Roast:  $7.00 per pound

      Eye Roast:  $8.00 per pound

      Arm Roast:  $7.00 per pound


     Porterhouse:  $18.00 per pound

     T-bone:  $17.00 per pound

     Delmonico (Rib Eye):  $18.00 per pound

     Sirloin Steak:  $12.00 per pound

Other Cuts:

     London Broil:  $9.00 per pound

     Brisket:  $10.00 per pound

     Chipped Steak:  $9.00 per pound.

     Beef Cubes:  $8.00 per pound

     Beef Short Ribs:  $7.00 per pound

     Shin Meat:  $5.00 per pound

     Heart, Tongue or Liver:  $3.00 per pound

     Soup Bones:  $5.00 per pound