About Our Meat Box

UPDATE:  April 18, 2018:

Introducing the newest way to purchase our meat:  The Meat Box!

What is a Meat Box?  The Meat Box is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a box (well, technically it is a bag) containing a hand-selected variety of our meat.  Items in each month’s box will depend on what we currently have in stock.  Each box will always contain pork and beef.  Depending on the season, it may also contain chicken or lamb.  Visit our webpage here to see what is in this month's box.

How much meat do I get? 

We offer two sizes: 

  • A Small Meat Box will contain about twelve pounds of meat, and will include various cuts such as bacon, sausage, roasts, and chops.  A Small Basket costs $90.  (The value of the meat purchased separately would be about $100.)
  • A Large Meat Box will contain about twenty-five pounds of meat.  It will contain a larger quantity of the items that are in the smaller basket, plus occasionally higher-cost cuts such as steaks. A Large Basket costs $200.  (The value of the meat purchased separately would be about $220.)


Why would we want a meat box?   Purchasing a Meat Box allows you to get a nice variety of our cuts at about a 10% discount.  In addition, included in your box will be some items that tend to sell out quickly, such as bacon.

How do I order my Meat Box?  We have a limited number of Meat Boxes available each month.  You must reserve your Meat Box on our pre-order page.  When we receive your pre-order, we will send you an invoice.  Once you pay the invoice, your Meat Box will be reserved for you and you can pick it up at any time during the appropriate month.  For example, if you pre-order Meat Boxes for April, May and June, we will send you an invoice for three months.  You pay the invoice now, and we will have your boxes ready for you at the beginning of each month.  You can pick up your April box any time in April, your May box any time in May, etc. 

What if I ordered a box in advance, but now it is my pick-up month and I have no freezer space??  No worries!  Let us know, and we will switch your box to a different month.

What if I can't eat something in the Meat Box?  Don't like spicy sausage?  Or maybe you don't want cured meat?  No problem!  If there is a cut that you don't want, we are happy to substitute. 

  • Where and when do I pick it up?  There are two options for picking up your basket:
  • On our farm during our Saturday store hours, or
  • You can select another, more convenient time to pick up from our farm store. 

So how do I sign up?  Click here to get to our Meat Box pre-order page.