About our Meat CSA

We are happy to announce a new way to purchase our meat. You now have the option of joining our Meat CSA. 

What is a CSA?  A CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a way to buy local food that is mutually beneficial to the customer and the farmer.  You get a discount on a nice big basket of meat each month, and we get a commitment from customers which helps us plan our meat supply.

How much meat do I get and when do I get it?  You will receive a basket once per month for three months.  We now offer three basket sizes: 

  • Our new Mini Basket will contain about seven pounds of meat, and will include various cuts such as ground meat, sausage, and chops.  A Small Basket costs $55 per month, for a total of $165 per session.
  • A Small Basket will contain about twelve pounds of meat, and will include various cuts such as bacon, sausage, roasts, and chops.  A Small Basket costs $90 per month, for a total of $270 per session.
  • A Large Basket will contain about twenty-five pounds of meat.  It will contain a larger quantity of the items that are in the smaller basket, plus occasionally higher-cost cuts such as steaks. A Large Basket costs $200 per month, for a total of $600 per session.
  • There is an optional Egg Share to purchase one or two dozen eggs per month.  The Egg Share costs an additional $13.50 for one dozen per month (three dozen total), or $27 for two dozen eggs per month (six dozen total).  (More on the egg option, below.)

The mix of meat will change, depending on what we happen to have in our freezers, but will primarily contain pork and beef.  Lamb and chicken will be added in the seasons when it is available.  We will do our best to ensure you get a good variety of cuts each month.

The weight of each basket may change from month to month, but the baskets total value will remain consistent.  Each basket will represent about a ten percent savings over the price of the items if purchased individually.

Any other reasons why this is a good idea?  In addition to getting meat at a discount, your CSA membership entitles you to two other benefits:

  1. Eggs!  If you add the "Egg Share" on to your Large or Small Meat basket, you can receive one or two dozen extra-large eggs, reserved just for you on your pick-up date. No more rushing to get to our store before we sell out of eggs.  This option is only available if you purchase a Meat Share from us.
  2. Save 5% on all other items in our store!  This offer lasts for the entire length of your CSA membership.  Visit our pre-order page to select what you would like.  When you check out, make a note in the comments section to let us know you are a CSA member.  We will deduct 5% from your total order.  Or shop in person at our store or at our farmers' market, and we will give you the discount when you check out.

Where and when do I pick it up?  There are two options for picking up your basket:

  • On our farm during our Saturday store hours, or
  • You can select another, more convenient time to pick up from our farm store, as long as it is within the next week.

Upon sign up, you can select to be in the Week A group, which picks up on the second Saturday of each month, or the Week B group, which picks up on the fourth Saturday of each month.  You will receive an email reminder before each month's pick up date.

If for any reason you are unable to pick up your basket on your normal day or at your normal location, you can contact us to make other arrangements.

But what if I missed the beginning of this session?  No worries!  You can sign up at any time, and the cost of your basket will be prorated.

So how do I sign up?  Just click here, or go to the "Member Signup" tab on the left of this page.